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Fit2Ship モジュール

Materialise Magics Fit2Ship Module

The Automated Solution for Fast and Efficient Fixture Design & Shipping


Materialise Magics Fit2Ship module offers you both RapidFit, a quick, cost-effective fixturing solution, as well as FormFit, an easy-to-use function for creating packaging files with the perfect fit. 
Speed and quality are two of the biggest concerns in Rapid Prototyping. RapidFit allows you to create fixture elements to help achieve both. RapidFit is the ideal solution for the design and setup of a support system for your parts. Firmly positioned, these parts can then easily be checked, measured, machined, transported, glued or assembled.
With FormFit, packaging files to secure fragile, expensive, complex, large, or unstable parts can easily be created in no time. These files will accurately follow the shape of any part, while avoiding undercuts, so that an optimal support foam can be generated.


With FormFit, you can easily protect very large & fragile parts:

Parts that are very fragile and/or large are often deformed or damaged during transport. With the new FormFit function, you can easily create packaging STL-files which can be used to produce the optimal support and protection for your parts (foams milled in EPS based on the generated STL-files).

  • As raw material for the foam, we recommend EPS which has excellent shipping properties:
    • Lightweight material.
    • Good shock absorption.
    • Moisture resistance.
    • Easy to handle.
    • Inexpensive.
  • With FormFit, a large amount of time can be saved on packaging file creation.
  • Packaging files have no undercuts, so they don’t require multi-axis milling machines (less expensive 3-axis milling machines can be used).
  • Fabrication of the foams can be outsourced, so no need to invest in (expensive) machinery.



RapidFit easy-to-use, cost-effective fixtures enable you to:

  • Conduct visual controls of prototypes & pre-series.
  • Enhance quality control inspections.
  • Ensure geometric stability & conformity.
  • Simplify operations on complex parts.
  • Achieve professional part presentations & demonstrations.



The RapidFit fast & unique solution for fixture design:

  • Provides automated fixture design in only a few steps.

Create the support system with base plates and/or beams. Indicate the contact points where fixture elements are needed and define the type of contact (for example, orientation of fixture base and contact; shape of fixture base). Let Materialise Magics RapidFit create the fixture element, precisely fitting the contact to the part automatically.

  • Creates fixtures with unique & well-defined geometry.
  • Fits easily & quickly with parts.
  • Is compatible with any modular fixturing system (beams and plates).
  • Ensures time- and cost-effective production.
  • Generates documents to guide the fixture assembly.